Surveying things from a perch is my specialty. “Art, Wine, and Whimsy” is an arts and culture commentary written by an art and design student who found myself recently graduated with too much wine to drink after navigating the sometimes tumultuous waters of graduate school. I attempt to discuss a diverse array of happenings in the world of art and culture, particularly the visual arts and theater. Everything else is left to tweets. My perspective is shaped by undergraduate degrees in Graphic Design and Business Management, as well as a recent M.A. in Decorative Arts and Design History; years of participating in school theater and obsessing over professional productions; and watching more hours of television than would ever be deemed productive or beneficial by any educational or intellectual authority. So please join me in enjoying some art, wine, and whimsy…

For examples of my other writing, visit the Contributions page. If you wish to contact me professionally, please email or Link yourself. Shameless plugs: Twitter and Pinterest (for a theatrical blend of circus aesthetic through the modernist lens and Disney-villain business casual).

Due to the eclectic people who prefer to spam rather than engage, “comments” on posts have been turned off. Questions, comments, or extended dialogue on any posts are certainly welcome, but please contact the above e-mail address.